Technologies and Equipment for Mechanical and Physicotechnical Processing
Technologies and Equipment for Mechanical and Physicotechnical Processing
مستوى التعليم:
Postgraduate Course
اتجاه الإعداد ( التحضير ):
Mechanical Engineering
فترة الدراسة :
4 years
لغة التدريس :
The contact person
Head of the Programme, Professor, Director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Instrument Making
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التكلفة المبينة لسنة دراسية واحدة
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For citizens of foreign countries and CIS countries - a 20% discount on the program (the price is indicated without a discount).

About the profession

The postgraduate programme is aimed at acquiring knowledge in the field of science and technology, studying patterns and interrelations in technological processes of shaping of bodies (parts) by removing part of the initial volume of material, as well as in the technical means of implementing processes (machines, tools, components, mechanisms and other technological equipment) at the stages of their creation and operation. A research engineer is a specialist who engages in engineering and research activities in various fields of science and engineering. A research engineer participates in R&D activities on the development of new products, systems, technologies, devices, complexes in accordance with the application area, participates in the performance of tests, the preparation of standard technical documentation.

Training process

For four years of study, postgraduate students learn theoretical and practical skills of design, installation and operation of machine tools, machine systems, including automated workshops and factories, automated lines, as well as their components (fixtures, hydraulic units, etc.), layout optimization, the composition of ancillary equipment and its parameters, including the use of modern methods of information technologies; theoretical foundations, modeling and experimental research methods for mechanical and physicotechnical processing, including the processes of combined processing with the imposition of various physical and chemical effects; skills in research on mechanical and physicotechnical processes in order to determine the parameters of equipment, units, mechanisms and other components that ensure the implementation of specified technological operations and improvement of performance, quality, environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness of processing; skills in designing new technological processes of mechanical and physicotechnical processing and creation of equipment and tools for their implementation.
Postgraduate students acquire basic knowledge in the professional field through learning the following practice-oriented disciplines:

  1. Research methodology
  2. Research seminar
  3. Basics of designing innovative technological processes
  4. Technology and equipment for mechanical and physicotechnical processing
  5. Mathematical modeling of production processes and equipment

Traineeship and internship

During training, students undertake an internship in the Department and at the enterprises - Zhukovsky Machine-Building Plant OJSC, Naro-Fominsk Machine-Building Plant JSC, ENIMS OJSC, Research and Development Center "APM" LLC, etc.
The Department has long-term and productive ties with leading Russian universities (Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Moscow State Technological University "Stankin", Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU), etc.)

Career opportunities

Graduates can find a job as a chief technologist, chief engineer at enterprises of the machine-building complex, including the leading positions in major research institutes in Russia and the world.
The specialty is rather promising; it offers a wealth of opportunities for implementation, since it is related to the invention of new techniques, the introduction of new technologies at an enterprise and the development of improved parts and equipment. Besides, foreign countries are experiencing a shortage of personnel in this field, therefore a qualified mechanical engineering specialist can make a successful career abroad.