Skin and Venereal Diseases
مستوى التعليم:
Postgraduate Course
اتجاه الإعداد ( التحضير ):
Clinical Medicine
فترة الدراسة :
3 years
لغة التدريس :
The contact person
Head of the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases
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About the profession

Dermatovenerology is a section of clinical medicine that studies the structure and functioning of skin and its appendages – hair, nails and mucous membranes, diseases of skin, its appendages and mucous membranes, methods of their prevention and treatment, sexually transmitted infections. Dermatovenerology is one of the oldest branches of medical science; there is documentary evidence of the study of skin diseases and methods of their treatment, created about 1.5 thousand years BC. Venereology got its name only in the 14th century thanks to a French doctor Jean Fernelle, who called it in honor of the goddess of love – Venus. Therapeutically dermatology in the differential diagnosis is topographically associated with other systemic medical specializations: infectiology, toxicology, hematology, rheumatology, endocrinology, oncology, neurology and allergology.

Training process

Already in the first year of study the students are intensively immersed in the profession. Postgraduate students study a full range of educational programmes, the current state of dermatovenerology in Russia, modern approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of various skin diseases and sexually transmitted infections.


"Foreign language", "History and philosophy of science", "Higher education pedagogy", "Methodology of scientific research", "Skin and venereal diseases", "Physiotherapeutic methods in dermatology", "Skin histopathology and immunopathology", "Basics of cosmetology", "English", "Russian as a foreign language".


The training programme includes scientific research and teaching internships and, in combination with the independent work of a postgraduate student (visiting scientific conferences, publication of research papers, study of modern literature, communication with potential employers in the framework of congresses, forums, discussions), this forms the student’s professional competence.


Having successfully mastered the educational programme and successfully defended the research project (thesis), you will have more opportunities for career growth both in Russia and abroad. The PhD degree allows holding a position of Associate Professor at the University and is taken into account outside the educational sphere. The PhD degree is necessary to obtain the academic title of Associate Professor. Subject to the continuation of active research activities in the future, graduates will have the opportunity to obtain a degree of Doctor of Medicine.