Planning and Management of Urban Development (Municipal Development)
Planning and Management of Urban Development (Municipal Development)
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2 years
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Deputy head of the Department of State and Municipal Management for academic affairs, Senior Lecturer of the Department of State and Municipal Management
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Programme Focus

The programme in the field of studies 38.04.04 „State and municipal management” is aimed at training skilled managers, who are able to conduct research, at teaching and practical work in the system of legislative, executive, judicial authorities, local government, and centers for strategic planning and forecast, situation centers, in political organizations and mass media, NGOs and non-profit organizations, in business structures realizing different projects including innovative ones on the basis of principles of state and private partnership.

The master’s programme „Planning and management of urban (municipal) development” in the field of studies 38.04.04 „State and municipal management” is designed to train masters who will be able to take part in planning and organizing the implementation of urban and territorial development programmes, to organize development of the strategic documents of local authorities, cities and regions according to Federal Law № 172-ФЗ „On strategic planning in the Russian Federation” of 28.06.2014 and other regulations.

Educational process

The programme combines training in state and municipal management, in project management and practical work over the projects of development of real cities.

The programme is completely practice-oriented. The training is conducted in small project groups. Each group studies its own city (municipality) in practice, develops its development projects Training results in defending a strategic programme of development of this city.

Master’s programme „Planning and management of urban (municipal) development” allows to make an in-depth study of such disciplines as „Strategic planning of territorial development”, „Sociology of management and social management”, „Housing and public utilities and integrated development of urban amenities”, „Project and programme management”, „Urban economics”, „Conflict resolution studies”, „Urban studies”.


The internship is organized in such a way that the students go through all the levels of government agencies of municipal and state administration in a successive order. These agencies include:

  • Municipal Councils;
  • Regional Governments;
  • Prefectures;
  • State Duma;
  • Committees and Ministries of the Russian Federation.

The students have internship in the enterprises of the real economic sector, interacting with the state within the framework of public and private partnership.

Some students, first of all, non-resident ones, have internship in the subjects of the Russian Federation according to the similar scheme.

The programme is realized within the framework of the cooperation with Shandong University (China) (there’s an opportunity of „exchange education”).

During their studies our students have an opportunity to have internship at the foreign universities which the Department of State and Municipal Management cooperate with:

  • University of Twente (Netherlands);
  • Grenoble University (France);
  • University of Potsdam (Germany).

Career opportunities

The acquired competences allow our graduates to work in federal state governmental authorities; governmental authorities of the Subjects of the Russian Federation, local government authorities, state and municipal institutions, state-funded organizations; civil society institutions; organizations of public sector; NGOs, international organizations and international government agencies; business structures implementing different projects on the basis of public and private partnership.

Our graduates will be ready to professionally develop programmes of all-round (economic, HR, social and cultural, regulatory, infrastructural) development of organizations and territories and to carry out activities to realize them, apply modern managerial methods and technologies.

The fact that our graduates are in demand in the labour market shows that the quality of our training is very high.  According to the available data 30% of the graduates work in public authorities of different levels (e.g. the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and etc.), 40% work for different companies in industrial and tertiary spheres and remaining 12% work in research institutes, in the departments of RUDN University, in social and non-governmental organizations.