Philosophy, Ethics and Religion Studies
Philosophy, Ethics and Religion Studies
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Postgraduate Course
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فترة الدراسة :
3 years
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The contact person
Professor of the Department of History of Philosophy
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About the profession

"I am a philosopher", - Pythagoras replied to the tyrant Leont on the question "Who are you?" Thus, in the sixth century BC, the terms philosopher and philosophy arose. Its history began in antiquity, since at that time the people's desire for independent critical knowledge of the world and themselves was formed into a vivid spiritual movement that has not stopped for two and a half thousand years. Modern philosophers still solve the most important and complex problems of being, society and cognition, outrunning scientists and rivaling other spiritual leaders of mankind.

Training process

Already in the first year of study, postgraduate students are intensively immersed in the professional academic environment. They study a set of special disciplines for the formation and improvement of unique research competences, taking advantage of the multicultural and multilingual academic environment. The educational cycle ends in the third term; starting from the fourth term, postgraduate students start working on their own scientific projects.


"Foreign language", "History and philosophy of science", "Philosophy as the history of philosophy", "Higher education pedagogy", "Professional ethics", "Communication as a philosophical problem", etc.

Internship and scientific research

The teaching internship undertaken by postgraduate students for two years allows forming full-value pedagogical competences. Conducting scientific research, postgraduate students have the opportunity to make presentations at Russian and foreign scientific conferences, participate in grant competitions and publish research papers in leading scientific journals.


Having successfully mastered the educational programme, you will be competent to conduct independent research in the field of the history of philosophy, ontology and theory of knowledge, social philosophy, work as a teacher at a university, make a career in the academic environment.

If the world of education and science is too narrow for you, the fundamental training of a philosopher, which develops creative and communicative abilities, will serve as the basis for a successful career in the world of media, consulting and humanitarian technologies.