Mathematical Biology, Bioinformatics
Mathematical Biology, Bioinformatics
مستوى التعليم:
Postgraduate Course
اتجاه الإعداد ( التحضير ):
Biological Sciences
فترة الدراسة :
4 years
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The contact person
Professor of the Department of Medical Informatics
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About the profession

This specialization combines the power of mathematics and computer calculations in the analysis of quantitative data of sciences of the life and living systems.

The profession allows applying practically such high-performance methods as DNA sequencing and computational approaches to the collection of objective quantitative data for the search and explanation of observations and studies in modern biology and applied medicine. The global challenge of modern biological science, objective computer analysis and the interpretation of huge sets of data led to the need to combine knowledge in the field of informatics, mathematics and biology and to form a rapidly growing discipline in mathematical biology and bioinformatics.

This new specialization will give you knowledge of the key tools and developments in modern biology and medicine. You will have the opportunity to study the important scientific issues of life sciences with the use of experimental methods, as well as modeling and analytical tools from mathematical, computational and statistical sciences, by the power of your own knowledge and skills.

Training process

Already in the first year of study, students are intensively immersed in the profession. In the process of training, postgraduate students study a full range of educational disciplines, undertake educational and on-the job internships. Postgraduate students, who successfully mastered the programme, present a scientific report on the main results of scientific work and pass a state examination as part of the state final certification, which allows them to receive a qualification “Researcher. Research Instructor” upon graduation.


"Foreign Language", "History and Philosophy of Science", "Higher Education Pedagogy", "Methodology of Scientific Research", "Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics", which includes "Information Technologies in Biology and Medicine", "Information Processes in Biology and Medicine", "Bioinformatics", "Mathematical Models in Biology and Medicine", “System Analysis and Management in Biology and Medicine”.


During the training, postgraduate students undertake scientific-research and teaching internships and conduct scientific research as part of a thesis work under the supervision of professors of the department.


Having successfully mastered the educational programme, you will be able to conduct scientific research, teach major-specific and applied disciplines in Russian and foreign universities, will acquire professional competences in the creation, translation, abstracting, editing, examination of scientific publications of various types. The status of the expert will enable to hold key positions in educational, state and commercial organizations; continue to develop research activities. In scientific research activities, in the field of biology the following tasks of professional activity are solved: fundamental research in the field of medicine, development and improvement of mathematical, computational, statistical methods of scientific analysis (in accordance with the specialization), applied research based on fundamental methods of analysis.

In the field of teaching activities on educational programmes of higher education: the development of training courses in the areas of professional activity, including based on results of the conducted theoretical and empirical research, including the preparation of methodological materials, teaching aids and textbooks; teaching disciplines upon higher education programmes in accordance with the specialization and performing teaching and guiding work on the areas of professional activity; conducting research in an educational organization, including the supervision of students’ research work.