Management Consulting in Agro-industrial Complex
Management Consulting in Agro-industrial Complex
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Master’s Degree
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فترة الدراسة :
2 years
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The contact person
Associate Professor of the Department of Technosphere Security
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Programme Focus

The Information & Consulting Service is an organization that provides services specializes in one or several areas of advising and focuses on individual industries. Today, agricultural consulting is understood as advising in  all aspects of the financial and economic activities and social development of rural producers and entrepreneurs.

The agricultural consulting service can be described as “providing the farmers with knowledge and skills needed to learn and apply more effective methods in crop production and livestock raising in order to increase productivity and improve living standards”. According to K. M. Fisher and others, “the purpose of service of agricultural consultation and training of farmers to give information and practical skills for a more efficient use of available resources”. Specialists in the field of Management Consulting in Agro-industrial Complex are qualified to provide information in order to help managers form a sound opinion and make the right decisions.

Educational process

From the first year, students are immersed in their specialization. Training is based on modules and credit system (ECTS). The programme has a lot advantages: academic mobility, international internships, study of foreign languages, participation in scientific circles and study in a multi-national student team.

Major subjects:

  • Managerial Economics;
  • Methods of research in management;
  • Modern strategic analysis;
  • Corporate finance;
  • Organization theory and organizational behavior;
  • Information resources and technologies in management;
  • Financing of information and consulting service;
  • Regional policy;
  • Foreign language

The master's programme aims to provide students with the professional competencies related to:

  • research work;
  • project and economic activities;
  • analytical activities;
  • organizational-administrative activity;
  • teaching activities.

Academic Faculty

The programme is implemented by highly qualified staff: two doctors of Economic Sciences, four candidates of economic sciences, and a senior lecturer.

Practical training

Within 10 weeks, students will undertake a research internship at the All-Russian Research Institute of Organization of Production, Labor and Management in Agricultures.

Graduates’ expertise and career opportunities

Graduates will be able to work in public authorities, ministries and departments, research organizations, federal, regional and municipal consulting and expert services, banks, audit and insurance companies, international companies such as Keminova, Segenta, BASF, Danone, etc., consulting firms such as Boston Consulting Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Some graduates enter post-graduate programme and are focused on academic careers, many of them begin to work in RUDN. Graduates have the opportunity to continue training abroad.