Dental Surgery
مستوى التعليم:
Medical Residency
اتجاه الإعداد ( التحضير ):
Clinical Medicine
فترة الدراسة :
2 years
لغة التدريس :
The contact person
PhD in Medicine, dental surgeon of the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Surgery
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About the profession

If a tooth cannot be treated, it can only be removed. This operation is conducted only by a dental surgeon. This specialist can remove healthy teeth if they have grown up incorrectly and cause any problems in the oral cavity. However, a dental surgeon conducts not only these procedures. For example, a maxillofacial surgeon performs dental prosthetics and implantation, starting with the preparation of the oral cavity and ending with implant setting. A dental surgeon also deals with the treatment of diseases that are not related to the state of teeth – this specialist treats diseases of the trigeminal nerve, temporomandibular joint, salivary glands, etc.

Training process

The educational residency programme "Dental surgery" is developed for people with higher medical education, aimed at training highly qualified specialists in cases of ineffective conservative therapy of teeth or the oral cavity. Training is practically oriented and aimed at the formation of system knowledge and professional competences that allow rendering curative services.


After having honed the skills at the simulation courses, residents are distributed to the units of dental clinics in Moscow, where, under the guidance of professors of the department, they have the opportunity both to expand their knowledge and see its application in practice.


A graduate of the residency programme is a highly qualified specialist, who can apply modern high-tech methods of diagnosis and treatment and carry out therapeutic, diagnostic, research activities, engage in private medical practice. Graduates of the programme have the opportunity to work in public hospitals, private clinics, medical secondary schools, higher educational institutions of medical specialization, scientific organizations, polyclinics, consultative and diagnostic centers. Upon completion of the residency programme, the students have the opportunity to enroll in the postgraduate programme on the specialization “Dentistry”.