Cellular Biology, Cytology, Histology
Cellular Biology, Cytology, Histology
مستوى التعليم:
Postgraduate Course
اتجاه الإعداد ( التحضير ):
Biological Sciences
فترة الدراسة :
4 years
لغة التدريس :
The contact person
Head of the Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology
تكلفة التعليم
التكلفة المبينة لسنة دراسية واحدة
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About the profession

The Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology offers postgraduate training on the specialty "Cellular biology, cytology, histology" (code 03.03.04), which refers to biological sciences (code 06.06.01). Postgraduate students are offered a wide range of research areas: the study of the normal structure of human tissues and organs, aging changes in tissues and aging processes, the study of physiological and reparative tissue regeneration, experimental modeling of various pathological conditions with the use of laboratory animals, the development of methods of stimulating tissue regeneration. Postgraduate training provides for the training of highly qualified personnel for subsequent expert, scientific-research and teaching activities in educational and scientific institutions. PhD graduates possess a set of universal, general professional and professional competences corresponding to the discipline.

Training process

During the training, postgraduate students master the educational disciplines and the discipline curriculum on histology, cytology and embryology: they attend lectures, hone practical skills. Extracurricular work provides for independent experimental and research activities. During the training process, postgraduate students undergo ongoing and midterm control. Oral interview (credit and exam) is a form of final control. Upon successful completion of the training, a postgraduate student has knowledge of the subject, the skills of searching and analyzing literature, possesses the basic methods of statistical data processing, can study histological and cytological preparations, conduct morphometric studies, has the skills to present and implement the results of his/her own research into the educational process. PhD graduates receive the qualification “Researcher. Research Instructor”.


Foreign Language, History and Philosophy of Science, Higher Education Pedagogy, Methodology of Scientific Research, Cellular Biology, Cytology, General Histology, Special Histology.


During the training, postgraduate students undertake scientific-research and teaching internships and conduct thesis research on the selected topic under the supervision of professors of the department.


A PhD graduate is a highly qualified specialist, who can analyze and evaluate new directions in science, develop his/her ideas for solving problems in various fields of biology and medicine and present them at all-Russian and international conferences, congresses, master classes, using the methodology and technologies of scientific communication in a foreign language. PhD graduates can organize scientific research in the department and research institutions. The knowledge gained during the training allows conducting academic activities on the specialization "Histology, cytology and embryology", use modern distance educational technologies (a telecommunication educational information system, holding webinars, portals, websites) in the teaching process.