Political Problems of the Globalized World (with the Shandong University)
Political Problems of the Globalized World (with the Shandong University)
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2 years
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Russian / English
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Shandong University (China)
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PhD, Professor of comparative politics
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Political scientist is an expert who is engaged in research in all spheres of life associated with the politics. In Russia this trend in higher education emerged only at the end of the XX century, so the profession is considered to be quite young, and young professionals are in demand in many areas. Wide perspectives enable them to work in various fields. Many political scientists find their application in journalism, science, and companies developing a variety of political technologies in the public service.

Educational process

The educational process is carried out at the Russian Peoples' Friendship University for two years. Intensive training program involves a mandatory study of theoretical and methodological and applied sciences, as well as the opportunity to self-select the courses that are better suited to the student's professional interests.

The first three semesters are focused on the research work of masters, and an intensive educational process within the framework of courses and research activities. The final, fourth semester is devoted to the pre-diploma practice and qualifying independent writing a thesis under the supervision of lecturers in the Department of Comparative Politics at People's Friendship University.

Defence of master's thesis is conducted in Russian and English languages.


"Modern political philosophy", "Latest trends and directions of modern political science", "Political culture: Russia-West-East", "The problems of the relationship between business and government in modern Russia", "Modern Islam and Politics", "The strategic balance and strategic stability in the formation of a new system of international relations", "The European Union and Russia: political and socio-cultural dimension" and others.


Discussions on the most current issues of Russian and world politics, master classes by leading Russian and foreign political scientists, participation in the most prestigious scientific events in Russia, as well as preparing their own events (from the format of "round tables" to international political science conferences) – all these generate interest in the Masters program to the deep immersion into  the profession, creating all the necessary skills and competence.

Masters hold annually externship in the Russian Federation government bodies, international organizations, research and analytical centers, consulting, media, information and analytical agencies, international companies.


Career political scientist is a way of life, not just a job, as he learns world developments at all times, makes forecasts based on them and analyzes the political situation, participates in various conferences, gives interviews to journalists, publishes materials in the socio-political and scientific media.

The talented analyst will always be noticed, he often becomes an agent of a well-known politician or consults the whole state structure.

On the morrow of the program you will find the application to your knowledge and interests in life, whether it is research and teaching activities, the work of think tanks, leading Russian and foreign mass media, public service, private counseling or work on the interests of big business easily.