Advertising and Public Relations
Advertising and Public Relations
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2 years
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Higher School of Business, Arts and Technology
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Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Advertising and Business Communications
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About the profession

As part of the "Advertising and Public Relations" direction, students are given the opportunity to obtain a profession in the fields of advertising or public relations, which began to be formed in Russia in the 1990s. And today these are developed and actively developing business sectors.

Advertising and PR today is:

  • a unique education with a universal range, giving the opportunity to try yourself in a variety of areas - from creative to the leadership of serious communication projects
  • a mainstream profession with a high social status, creative potential and worthy material rewards
  • a system knowledge and skills not only in the sphere of classical advertising and PR, but also in a wide field of marketing communications, without which modern business cannot develop
  • a diploma, which is a powerful argument in the job placement not only in Russian, but also in international companies
  • a wide range of communication and interesting life in the world of communications

Educational process

Starting from the first year students are included not only in the study of disciplines in the specialty, but also in practical activities by profession in the framework of training practice, as well as in the preparation and conduct of the scientific and practical conference "Advertising Vector". Students study marketing, management, integrated marketing communications in the spheres of advertising and public relations, but at the same time they get acquainted with the communication market of Russia and foreign countries, learn how to build and implement advertising and PR strategies in their practical activities. A number of practice-oriented disciplines prepare students for the promotion of goods / services, companies, individuals or ideas in the Internet environment.

Main disciplines

"International business communications"; "Modern management concepts"; "Digital-marketing"; "Psychology of Management", etc.

Disciplines of the specialization "Advertising Management"

"International marketing communications"; "Marketing research B2B and B2C markets"; "Management of mediamix"; "Integrated brand communications"; "Strategic management of advertising agency and advertising department"; "Media management and media marketing"; "The effectiveness of advertising campaigns."

Disciplines of specialization "Public Relations Management"

"Technologies of Government Relations"; "Analytical support of PR projects"; "Strategic management of PR-agency and PR-department"; "Management of communication projects"; "Evaluation of the effectiveness of PR-activities"; "Technologies of Investment Relations"; «Corporate communications».

Along with the main compulsory subjects, each semester it is offered to determine for himself one or two elective disciplines, which allows to build for each individual educational trajectory. The program offers the following disciplines at the student's choice: "Negotiation Process and Conflict Management", "Territory Image", "Reputation Management", "Sponsoring and Fundraising", "Media Relations", "PR in Government Structures", "Public Opinion Management Technologies" “International PR”, “Business Communications, Etiquette and Protocol”, “HR Communications”, “Managing Consumer Expectations”, and “Strategic Brand Management”.

The peculiarity of this program is that the student necessarily learns 2 foreign languages: English, which is very important, because in international communication agencies it is often the main working language; one of the languages ​​for study is chosen by the student (it is suggested to choose from the following: German, French, Italian or Spanish).


During the whole period of study, students are included in practical professional activities: 1) within the framework of educational, externship, research and pre-diploma practices that are held once a semester and are held in communication agencies, communications departments in Russian and foreign companies and the media, as well as in public authorities; 2) in the process of participating in creative and professional Russian and international competitions; 3) in the framework of participation in professional projects as an intern.

During the training program, you can participate in the following foreign internships:

  • in France: you can visit one of the most famous advertising festivals in the world - Cannes Lions (CannesLions) (Cannes, France);
  • in Latvia: you can study at the European School of Video Arts, organized by the Graduate School of Business, Arts and Technology "RISEBA" (Riga, Latvia);
  • in London: you can visit the Week of Advertising (London, UK), etc.

In addition, business games, trainings, master classes of leading experts in the field of communication form directly in the process of training future professionals as a professional picture of the world, as well as professional competencies.


Our graduates are armed with a whole arsenal of unique knowledge to promote brands, companies and ideas. Our young specialists are expected not only in communication agencies, but also in advertising and PR departments of print and electronic media, Internet structures, public relations departments of commercial and state organizations of the highest rank and in many other fields of modern information business.

The program is designed to give the skills necessary for successful work in the modern business environment, to teach masters to solve specific problems in the field of public relations management and advertising management in the position of the head.

This program is designed for those who want to work effectively in the modern communication market, develop advertising and PR strategies, implement them, manage communication processes, predict and evaluate their effectiveness.

A graduate of a master's degree is a future leader in an advertising or PR department of a company, or a department of an advertising or PR agency.

Training master students involves the formation of skills:

  • Management of communication projects, evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising and PR activities, information management in social networks and PR in the digital environment;
  • Skills to work with projects in the field of Investor and Government Relations, as well as intra-corporate PR, etc.