Administrative Law; Administrative Procedure
Administrative Law; Administrative Procedure
مستوى التعليم:
Master’s Degree
اتجاه الإعداد ( التحضير ):
فترة الدراسة :
2 years
لغة التدريس :
تكلفة التعليم
التكلفة المبينة لسنة دراسية واحدة
للمواطنين من روسيا ورابطة الدول المستقلة

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Educational process

The program is implemented by leading specialists of the Institute of Law with the use of IT rooms and laboratories.


The contents of the course “Administrative law; Administrative procedure” :

  • theoretical and applied research of the subject, methods, sources and the system of administrative law;
  • historical and legal analysis of administrative law science, types and methods of state administration;
  • study of administrative-legal status of parties to administrative-legal relations, executive establishment and other parties with powers of administrative authority; public service issues;
  • study of administrative-legal forms and methods of executive authorities and other parties with powers of administrative authority;
  • study of the institution of administrative responsibility;
  • analysis and modernization of the administrative-legal regulation in the sphere of economy, social and cultural area, activities on human, state and society safety;
  • study of concepts and directions for the implementation of administrative reform; how administrative reform measures can be improved;
  • analysis of the rule of law issues in executive authorities and other parties with powers of administrative authority;
  • theoretical and applied research on subject and content of Administrative Procedure Law;
  • study of administrative procedures, administrative procedure relations, specifics and principles of administrative procedure, issues of administrative justice;
  • study of issues of administrative jurisdictional process;
  • analysis and development of administrative proceedings; the study and improvement of proceedings for administrative offences.

Practical training

Master's Degree Students undergo practical training in recognized Russian and foreign law firms, as well as in the companies which closely cooperate with professors of the department. Here is the list of prospective employers in Moscow:

  • Public Joint Stock Company Gazprom
  • Koblev & Partners, Law Firm
  • Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners, Law Firm
  • Ivanov, Makarov & Partners, Law Firm


The program is prepared with due consideration of the opinions and with participation of practicing lawyers from different spheres of public administration. Alumni of the program are trained to work both in governmental bodies regulating administrative activities and administrative legislation, and in leading law firms providing a wide range of legal services, including the possibility of participating in consideration and settlement of disputes.